Mythos Taverna brings you on a trip to Greece & the islands, serving authentic dishes from across the region in beautiful Mediterranean surroundings.

Located in the famous Arcadian, just outside the hippodrome with a beautiful sunny terrace on theatre square, Mythos brings a true flavour of Greece to Birmingham.

Serving dishes such as marinated chicken souvlaki grilled over our traditional Greek charcoal & a range of ‘mezze’ dishes such as hummus & the famous Greek feta salad along with a range of rose & syrup soaked pastries to finish.

Our wine selection has been sourced from all over Greece & we have a range of Greek beers & Spirits.
Be sure to visit Mythos for a true Greek experience.

Contact Details

The Arcadian Centre,
Hurst Street, Birmingham
B5 4TD

T. 0121 622 5298




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