OUR open air piazza makes for the kinds of alfresco days and nights that have made The Arcadian legendary. Multi-tiered, multi-cultural and multi-purpose, there are few venues to rival The Arcadian for atmosphere.

This unique arrangement makes restaurant and bar patrons a very active part of the best night in town as they mix happily with the irresistibly eclectic overspills from Chinatown and the Gay Village.

This is how The Arcadian was purposefully designed way back in the late 80's and it's one reason the place has remained so vital and compelling for generation after generation.

In all we have 10 restaurants serving some of the finest global cuisines, 7 bars boasting atmospheres ranging from the casual to the glamorous, 2 coffee shops, 2 hotels, a comedy club and 15 other outlets - so laughter and joy are ever present here.

The Glorious History

The Arcadian achieved its instant icon status the moment it first threw open its doors a quarter of a century ago.

And it’s been an inspirational, inexhaustible and always proud Birmingham tradition ever since.

We welcomed thousands of hip and happy hedonists over those first balmy summer weekends and, by the end of the season, we knew we had a brand that would last for a generation.

We’ve constantly updated the centre’s offerings since then, always drawing in ambitious new bars and restaurants and pushing the boundaries of what a great night in Birmingham should be.

Ask anyone who knows how to have a great time and we guarantee they’ll have a dozen great tales about The Arcadian.

The list of famous patrons who come and go here ranges from hard partying rockers to household names fresh from appearances in the Glee Club.