Offers bespoke parking for The Arcadian, Hippodrome and the surrounding areas.

Parking Tariffs

Up to 1 Hour £3.50
Up to 3 Hours £6.50
Up to 5 Hours £7.50
Up to 8 Hours £12.00
Up to 10 Hours £15.00
Up to 12 Hours £17.50
12 Hours to 24 Hours £20.00

Theatre Rate (17.00 – 02.00) £7.50

Contact Details

The Arcadian Centre,
Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham
B5 4TD

0121 622 7417



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Covid-19 Response

We are following closely the guidelines and daily official advice from the Government and from Public Health England with regarding the opening of the shopping centres we own and manage.

Our main priority is looking after the health and safety of our staff, retailers and their employees, and visitors.

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