Offers bespoke parking for The Arcadian, Hippodrome and the surrounding areas.

We expect the car park to be extremely busy for Birmingham Hippodrome’s shows so please plan plenty of time for your journey.

Why not take advantage of the special offers for Theatre Patrons at one of our venues before the show. View our offers page here.

Parking Tariffs

Up to 1 Hour £3.50
Up to 3 Hours £6.50
Up to 5 Hours £7.50
Up to 8 Hours £12.00
Up to 10 Hours £15.00
Up to 12 Hours £17.50
12 Hours to 24 Hours £20.00

Theatre Rate (17.00 – 02.00) £7.50

Contact Details

The Arcadian Centre,
Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham
B5 4TD

0121 622 7417



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